Our next match

Vale Park (HW) 30/8/19

Our next match to take place at Vale Park (HW) on Friday 30th August.

Meet by the shelter in Magazine Lane from 20.00 Fishing 21.00 till 00.30, however, if the start is delayed by the incoming tide we will start as soon as possible but still finish at the stated time.

Clubman Points and cash prizes on offer with the proposed match format to be single longest fish with a pool for the best flatfish.

Another forthcoming event - not a WSA event - but click the "charity" tab for a worthwhile cause and a chance to win some quality gear at a match at Otterspool later in the year.


Our latest match reports

The Gun 7/7/19


Our species match at The Gun produced a total of six; namely smooth hound, conger, flounder, dab, cod and eel. 

While good size fish were caught, along with the usual species  they didn't appear in any great volume. In fact, on some pegs, there was a complete absence of fish. Dave Evans got off to a good start landing two species in two consecutive casts. As the match progressed, however, the lead was changing throughout, though at the conclusion only one angler - Ian Griffiths - had recorded four species which gave him first place. 

Dave Evans and Steve Bonner had three species each but it was Dave with the better length to give him second meaning third for Steve. Fourth place went to Alex Campbell who counted a conger of just under a metre amongst his catch. 

Cash prizes went to the top three with Clubman Points being awarded to the top 10. Check out the Points Table for the latest update or for a complete picture to go www.wirral.fishing/points

Thank you to all who took part. Next match coming soon.


Rock Channel 21/6/19

 On our consecutive visit to The Rock Channel the format on this occasion was each angler's best flat and round fish added together. Steve Bonner got off to a good start catching a bass on his first cast before quickly adding a flat fish to his catch. 

As the match progressed, all anglers were catching flat fish species, namely dabs, plaice and flounder with some pegs producing well but others yielding just one of two fish. It wasn't until close to the finish that  several round fish were landed to finalise the results. Thus, at the conclusion, the winner was Alex Campbell having a total of 77cm with a plaice of 39cm and a bass of 38cm. Steve Bonner was second with his flat and round giving him a total of 70cm just ahead of Jim Morris whose combination tallied at 68cm. There was cash prizes for the top three and Clubman Points for the top 10 from which the first six places were from the flat and round combination with single longest fish making up the remaining positions.

Click the Points Table to check out the latest awards and leader board or a detailed table can be found at www.wirral.fishing/points (won't show on IE)

Thank you to all who took part. 


Rock Channel 7/6/19


Despite the horrendous wet weather, for the majority of anglers there was good fishing to be had at this popular low water venue with a good variety of species available, including bass, cod, dabs, flounders, plaice, ray and whiting.  The only downside was that several adjacent pegs at one end of the venue fished poorly.

Clubman Points at this match were to be awarded on the single longest fish while the cash prizes would go to the two best round fish and the two best flat fish. As such, Dave Campbell and Andy Hopkinson took first and second round fish, Dave for his ray of 56cm and Andy who had a bass of 43cm. 

The flat fish prizes went to Jamie Pickup having a 40cm flounder and Nigel Conlon for a 36cm flounder. Clubman Points were awarded to the top ten with Dave, Andy and Jamie taking the top three places.

Click the Points Table for the latest awards and running totals or go to www.wirral.fishing/points

Thank you to all who took part


Perch Rock 24/5/19


Fish were caught right from the beginning and continued throughout the duration of the match. 

In  fact, for a venue that used to be noted for just dabs and whiting there  was an absolute abundance of species with bass, dabs, dogs, flounder,  whiting, codling, pouting, rays and smoothhounds all in attendance.

However,  the format of this match was single longest fish for both cash prizes  and Clubman Points and therefore shrewd practice was to target the  hounds. 

Dave  Evans had one on the beach almost immediately but at the other end of  the venue Jim Morris was almost bagging up on them. While other anglers  remained in the frame with catches of rays and dogs, the best fish of  the night was a smoothhound of 107cm caught by Ian Griffiths giving him  10 points and first cash prize. 

Jim  Morris was second with his best fish just topping a metre. Bill  Lindfield and Jamie Pickup took 3rd and 4th respectively. Cash prizes  were paid to the top four and Clubman Points awarded accordingly to the  top ten.

 Click the Points Table tab for running totals. Alternatively for a more comprehensive table go to www.wirral.fishing/points (won't show on IE)

Thank you to all who took part.