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Perch Rock 29/2/20

Our next match will take place at Perch Rock on Saturday 29th February. Meet from 17.30, fishing 18.30 till 22.00

Match format to be each anglers longest flat and round fish added together which will take precedence over a single fish even if the length of that one fish exceeds any flat and round combination. Only if the top ten places can not be filled with a flat and round combination will it go to single fish.

Clubman Points and cash prizes on offer. 


Latest match reports

Vale Park 12/1/20

This promenade venue was the setting for our first fixture of the year and while the fishing wasn't exactly perfect with several anglers failing to catch, it was another enthralling, well attended match. 

Being based on the single longest fish with a pool for the best flat, it would prove to be a prudent manoeuvre to target a dogfish. Gary Tully set the standard early on catching one of 52cm while, at the opposite end of the venue, Ian Griffiths was the angler to beat with a flat fish. 

For a while it looked as if these two anglers could be on target for a win but as high water approached whiting and codling came on the feed increasing catch rates. Then in the last hour another four anglers landed a dogfish each. Paperwork completed, John Wood came out the winner with a dog of 56cm. Mike Flanagan was 2nd and Jim Morris 3rd, 54 and 53cm respectively. 

There were cash prizes for the top three and for Ian who had the longest flat, 24cm dab. The first Clubman Points of 2020 were awarded accordingly to the top 10, click the Points Table  The newly installed RNLI trophy was presented to match winner John. There was a donation to the RNLI in memory of the two members we lost last year. 

Thank you to all who took part.

You can check out your points from this and previous years by visiting www.wirral.fishing/points Click the relevant year at the bottom of the table.

2020 membership update

Thank you to all who have rejoined. With a few new members, membership is full again. We are now affiliated to the WFSA.  On occasion and where space permits guest anglers may be brought but to participate they must be in possession of valid pl insurance. Only policies issued by the Angling Trust or the WFSA are acceptable.  


Kingslake 22/12/19

Circumstances dictated a late switch from our planned venue at Egremont to Kingslake for the final match of 2019. 

As per tradition at this match, the format was total bag length plus additional targets of single longest flat and round fish. There were conflicting fortunes for the anglers as some pegs produced good numbers of fish while it proved a struggle for others. Whiting and codling dominated catches with just a few other species showing. The surprise fish of the evening was a haddock caught by Gary Tully.

With plenty of prize categories on offer, an anxious wait followed before eventual winner England international Bill Lindfield was crowned. Bill, who had amassed a total of 367cm, just narrowly trumped local tackle shop owner Paul Bonner whose total was 366cm. 

Dave Vernon was third with 347cm. Steve Bonner, Mike Flanagan and Gary Tully completed the top six with all the aforementioned taking cash prizes. 

The best round fish was won by Jim Morris with a dog of 52cm and the best flat fish was a flounder of 28cm for Dave Vernon. Again, there were cash prizes for this category with vouchers for Gary Tully, second best round - haddock of 41cm and Ian Griffiths, second best flat - dab of 24cm.

There was a payout to the top 10 anglers in the Clubman league for the last year with Jim Morris taking top spot and being presented with the John Atkin trophy. For being overall match winner on the night Bill Lindfield received the Les Holme memorial shield.


The Gun 10/11/19


The format for our final Clubman match of the year was the single longest fish for both points and cash prizes - a cod or a dog would be required to fulfill this criteria, while there would be an additional cash prize for a "mystery pair". In the event, however, only three species of fish were recorded namely cod, dabs and whiting. 

With all anglers catching, it was a wait to the finish to determine the winners. With cards checked , Jim Morris (who had already stamped his authority on the Clubman Table) and Gary Tully took joint first place, both having a cod of 44cm, plus their relevant count back fish measuring equal. 

Local tackle shop owner and vastly experienced match angler Paul Bonner was third. Cash prizes went to the top three. Paul expanded his winnings as he and Lewis Taylor were winners of the mystery pair. 

Clubman Points were awarded accordingly to the top ten which determined the final placings for 2019. Click the Points Table to check it out Alternatively to see points awarded at each venue through the past year go to www.wirral.fishing/points 

Thank you to all who participated. 

Egremont 25/10/19


There were plenty of whiting to be caught at our penultimate Clubman Points match of 2019. 

However, with the format of the match set at each angler's best flat and round added together, it was going to be prudent to target a flat fish to go with either a whiting, cod or a dogfish. 

As events turned out, no cod appeared and only two anglers - Jamie Pickup and Gary Tully - managed to catch dogs (with one of Jamie's measuring 65cm) but neither of these two anglers could find a flat to go with their dogs. 

Consequently it was down to the whiting and flat combination to determine placings at the conclusion. Guest angler John Rodgers took 1st place with his combination totaling 57cm. Bill Lindfield and Andy Sothern tied on 56cm but on count back it was Andy who took second and Bill third. 

Cash prizes went to the top three. With John not being eligible for Clubman Points, it meant 10 points for Andy, nine for Bill and eight for John Wood, with the remaining being awarded accordingly.

Check out the Points Table for the latest standings. You can also view all the points awarded at www.wirral.fishing/points

Thank you to everyone who took part, our next match coming soon.