Crucians at Bedtime

From the Wirral-based author of "Another Bloody Tangle"

."Crucians at Bedtime" is a new book of reel stories about angling and anglers.


Twenty five chapters, 224 pages of fishing fun for just £7.99.

ISBN 978-1-909833-52-4      

What they said about "Crucians at bedtime":   

“I loved the story about the tackle shop and the local vicars boast.”

Steve Fitzpatrick   

Editor-in chief- of Angling Times, and one time assistant in a Chester Tackle shop.

“Peter Bishop tells his stories with great aplomb, perception and humour.”

Keith Arthur

Published by Vivlia, available in local tackle shops, or from Amazon - cost £7. 99 plus £2. 80 p and p. Search Peter Bishop books or Crucians at Bedtime.

Peter is a life long angler, who has lived on Wirral all his life and the first book he wrote,  Another  Bloody Tangle is still available. Whilst primarilly devoted to coarse fishing it is a superb read for any angler.